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Hodge - Sub 100 / Where I Wanna Be

Hodge presents his 'Two Moons' label with two big bangers.
One straight up piece of 'floor heat, and a lush deeper trip on the flip.

On the A side, we have Sub 100, a hotly tipped and much in demand dancefloor burner with a madly twisted vocal chop, plus a mighty, mighty boom-bass in there for extra measure, and a UKF style rhythm with a tougher techno edge in the mix. This one's good fun, as a club track arguably should be, but it also slaps! For what it's worth, this one has been causing a stir in clubs in recent time, and getting some big play from DJ's out there too

Répéter - Blue Perfidia

Fresh in from across the brexit border, we got our hands on a bunch of copies of this next surf-dub gem from Répéter, last seen on Bokeh Versions, now pushing the boat out via Tropique Dangereux, with this first cassette excursion into deep, Blue Perfidia territory.

High grade rhythm-driven, bittersweet concoctions of live instrumentation and dub effects, the perfect haze after the earthy vibrations of Bad Twang. This one's a big trip.

Scopeotaku - Scars Of Babylon

DIY tape-dub maneuvres from Scope Otaku, emerging with 'Scars of Babylon', sending cold dub waves down from up north - hand-assembled, and presented in underground style on tape-only - we've probably got the only copies outside of the streets of Glasgow right now.

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