• Dali de Saint Paul & Maxwell Sterling - Penumbra
  • Dali de Saint Paul & Maxwell Sterling - Penumbra

Dali de Saint Paul & Maxwell Sterling - Penumbra

Accidental Meetings

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local hero Dali de Saint Paul, alongside Maxwell Sterling, on Accidental Meetings.
Served on cassette, and CD too - choose your weapon.

Freshly dropped off from Big L at AM, we managed to hold back a few copies of this GEM for those who weren't in town to grab one at our record stall down at mickey zoggs the other day, where they went like hot cakes.

If you've been checking our site, you probably have heard us mention the mighty Dali, wether as part of powergroup Viridian Ensemble, or as part of Avon Terror Corps releases, or for her recent mammoth CD which collected the final EP/64 recordings. Reminder: EP/64 was her dreamed-up idea (literally), where she decided to start a band with shifiting members (and drummer Dan Johnson needs a special mention for being part of at least half the shows, probably more) which would do 64 improvised shows, and that's it.

Well, that's been and gone, but it certainly left a mark here in Bristol, and wherever else she appeared.
If you haven't had the chance to catch her live yet (you really should, it's where it's at) - then we're very glad to be able to provide you with a really solid recording - recorded at the BBC studios, no less), where you can get into the hallucinogenic world of Dali's twisted vocal loops, where songs are made out of guttural sounds, reverse breath and alien language, live and direct, no predispositions.

Flourished with extra unheard bits from the same session, this release spawned out of an improvised recording for the Late Junction show on BBC Radio 3 early last year -  Yes, we're lucky enough to have good, non commercial music on national radio in the UK (well, later at night at least).
Maxwell Sterling, perfectly guides Dali's twisted vox with intiutive, hands-on LYRA synthesis and heart-wrenchingly deep Double (E) Bass, played with the bow (we think) and shot through rich reverberations.
Dynamics are the key here, and Dali and Maxwell ride the solemn waves with the same patience and focus, as the high tide frenzy that might wait around the corner.
It's a masterful show of depth, taking in early Avant Garde / Musique concrete, but also sounding entirely 'in the moment', i.e. inspired by the air and sound around, at the time. 

Captivating stuff, and a real capsule for the future, when you might want to tell your kids what was going on in our heads and ears in 2024, when the world was... well, where it is now.

Extracts from the session were played on the Late Junction show Friday 17th February 2023.

All music by Maxwell Sterling and Dali de Saint Paul.
Maxwell Sterling : Double Bass, Electric Double Bass & Lyra
Dali de Saint Paul : Voice and FX
All lyrics by Dali de Saint Paul, except “L’Irrémédiable” by Charles Baudelaire Les Fleurs du Mal (1857)
Recorded and mixed by Robert Winter with support from James Piper
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux
Artwork by Ciarán Birch.







Late Junction