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Kambo Super Sound / Don Papa Meet DJ Sotofett - Kraaka 7AM / Moss Dub Fønk

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Another fine 45' from Moss's annual Kambo Super Session, pressed up with a stepper, plus a response piece of freak-dub from local heroes - Kambo Super Sound, Don Papa and DJ Sotofett -

real nice to have one of these yearly 7's in our hands again - we always get good memories of early RWDFWD days, where this 7"s were a staple on our shelves, and also good (and far too distant) memories of finding ourselves at one of the Graf Et Grill sessions some year ago, soaking up the local soundsystem / football tournament, and grill, and grafitti vibes.

Anyway, Kambo have been keeping up the pressure, year in year out, with their signature style of vibin', pacey steppers, tuned perfectly to resonate on a dub style soundsystem like the one they built themselves.
Kraaka 7am is one of those end-of-the-dance steppers, legs up high, heart beat in tune with the bass type vibes... Wicked stuff!

Flip it, for the dub funk - sorry: Dub Fønk! - of Don Papa and DJ Sotofett -
perfectly loose and full of groove, with shaking percs and flashlight synthesis guiding the way for darkened dancefloors and home hi fi set ups alike.

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Kambo Super Sound - Kraaka 7AM

Don Papa Meet DJ Sotofett - Moss Dub Fønk