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Mikey Murka - Ride The Riddim

Ruddy & Redeye Original Sounds

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Mikey Murka aka Mikey Murica aka Mikey Merican, riding the riddim on a Unity Sound all time classic -

Big, big, big tune from Mikey Murka on a Ruddy & Redeye production, straight out of London, one of many unmistakeable dancehall scorchers from Rigs' Unity Sound posse that was doing extra good things in 80's and early 90's, putting those casio and yamaha keyboards to perfect use, and bringing a vocal energy & cool to the dancehall that has gained them legendary status.

This cut is an extra wicked dubplate mix which didn't see the light 'til about 20 years later, in 2010, and sounds extra bubbly, with added re-loads and mad syndrum fx doing good things throughout the tune - these cuts are well full of vibes.

Flip it for the Rude Rock dubplate mix - version excursion.

If you don't already own this - no matter what style of music you usually pursue - it's time to take another listen, because this is the definition of 'pure gold'.

Red 7", served in Ruddy & Redeye Original Sounds house sleeve.

Mikey Murka - Ride The Riddim (Dubplate Mix)

Rude Rock (Dubplate Mix)