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TNT Roots - Supreme Dub / Solidarity

África Mãe Do Leão

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One very last sighting of TNT Roots hardcore steppers -
finally landed here in Bristol, all the way from Brazil, pressed up on a limited edition 10" via África Mãe Do Leão -

TNT Roots is the mysterious dubplate anthem provider who operated in the shadows and became revered for supplying some of the toughest soundsystem tunes for Aba Shanti-I for many years, and he has been slinging tunes in DIY style via CDs over the last decade or two, until more recently he reared his head on wax via our friends Bokeh Versions and via a fine, unexpected linkup with John T. Gast.
But ultimately, the vibe is - no fuss, no hype, just music - and this music happens to be some of the most cantankerous, charged steppers noise we've ever heard.

This unexpected 10" here for Brazilian label África Mãe Do Leão suits the DIY style of TNT to go along with what feels right at the time, and these cuts somehow combine that overdriven bassbin UK dub sound with a hint of grimey / brazilian percussive rhythm in there somewhere (even if we're just imagining that by association now - it kind of makes sense).

Supreme is the kind of dub that'll send shockwaves if you play it at the right volume. Pure & simple, ruff & tuff. Play this loud or don't play it, please.

Flip it for a dangerous steppers tango with 'Solidarity', and the xtra dub version finishing up this no-holds-barred, deep & dangerous steppers weapon.

500 copies worldwide.

U snooze, u loose.

Supreme Dub


Solidarity Dub