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We smuggled back this absolute unit from Brussels, on the train back to Bristol a couple weeks ago -
Picked up at a record fair from the Boomerang / Prr!Prr! corner after being handed it, and giving in to intrigue, paid in cash and handshakes.

So now we have two, yes, just two copies of this mad 3xCD mix-mayhem for you here - if you're lookin' for this kind of mad mega-mix 00's chart//dance mash up thing, that is!
Apparently we're the only people with these in the UK too. So if you're lookin' to itch a certain guilty pleasure, look no further.

Inside this three CD pack, you will find a high-octane ride through unabashed hits and grooves, breakdowns and mixed up traxx from the laste decades of mostly uk&euro-centric music buzz (especially 90s/00s I guess - a look a the cover art will give you some hints). 

This won't be up everyone's streets (like marmite - hate it or love it) and there are definitely some big cringers in the mix, but I guess that's kind of the point. Pure salt, sugar and butter.

And if you happened to have a soft spot for this side of dance music / pop stuff, then you will definitely enjoy this no shame, tongue-in-cheek ride through chart toppers and oddball corners of modern day and yesterday commercial dance music too, blowing your brain's cobwebs with each beatmatch and switch up - kinda like driving along a highway and all the cars are bumping out the tracks from their radios in a high-speed soundclash, catching a snippet of each radio as we roll.

Plenty of loud & proud pop elements, buttery RnB licks, dance music cheese and electroclashin bump & grind, and muuuch more - this is not just a normal mix, it's definitely a megamix... Times three. 

'Welcome back to the world of BOOMERANG's wacky inventions!
Always doin' crazy experiments and makin' a mess in the lab, Samuelspaniel just goes and creates science you can groove to.
Tune into his essential 300's, the most boo-tastic music around!'

CD1 originally released as « BOO000 » on Boomerang©
CD2 originally broadcasted on « Nuts To Soup »
CD3 exclusively available on « 300's »