• Memotone - Tollard
  • Memotone - Tollard

Memotone - Tollard

The Trilogy Tapes

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Lovely to see Bristol's Memotone (aka Half Nelson / O.G. Jigg etc!) land on the good ship TTT, following the excellent 'Clever Dog' album on Accidental Meetings with a beautifully mysterious, slo mo jazz-leaning, folk-wise drift titled 'Tollard'.

Presented in a lush LP format (including pics from Memotone's dad's place, where he grew up) for Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes, Tollard feels homely, and earthy indeed.
Soothing and sombre at once, the album slides and glides through eleven tracks of unorthodox jazz, with heavy infusions of bristol-esque dub minimalism but also (to our ears at least) a certain Japanese New Age sound, mixed with Hassel-ian Fourth World business, yet never easy to place, or apply a certain 'time' or 'scene' to... Memotone surely soaks up a big array of influences and years of instrument learning, to make up his own world of sound and melody, like a well mixed drink which forms a brand new flavour, with a reminiscent touch to it.
Skillfully segway'd and intermingled in a musically-masterful way - The album moves through various electro-acoustic scenarios, and really does become it's own thing.
An album full of intrigue, harmony and mood-shifting tonality. It'll transport you to another place, once the needle starts drifting across those grooves.

Big recommendation for anyone seeking oozes of musical warmth, and comfort in a truly weird and wonderful sound world, encompassing a whole world of music, across time and place.


Printed sleeve, designed by Will Bankhead.
Pressed at Pallas,

The Marionette


Audrey's Lane

Laughing Grass

Door To The Sky

Rain Bells

In The Lark's Nest

The Stone That Floats

Funny To Stay The Same

Polly's Palace

Munday's Pond