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01 - Dive Reflex Service

Limbo Tapes

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Introducing Dive Reflex Service’s debut album on Limbo Tapes - 12 tracks of deeply enthralling downtempo sketches from one of the most mysterious outfits operating on the fringes of the Bristol underground.

Three cassette releases deep, rounding up a seriously respectable roster of talent, the label isn’t one to court hype or social media stats. A pure outlet for musical ideas and exploration with no ego - Limbo Tapes has been flying the flag for the more abstract beats coming out of different corners of Bristol, plus a few friends further afield.

With two compilations and one artist cassettes under their belt, the label have made the jump to vinyl in fine style, headed up by Dive Reflex Service who was a contributor to their second compilation.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Dive Reflex Services sound, which is no doubt why he/she/they have found a home here - Loosely hip-hop related, heavy with dubwise production techniques - thick washes of atmospherics & dense layers of stretched vocal phrases flow between low passed beats and high end FX. Flecks of eskibeat & dancehall jut through at points, never fully materialising, it’s these hints that keep the whole album fresh and very re-listenable. Immediately enjoyable and deeply rewarding upon repeated listening.

The album comes housed in a printed sleeve featuring underwater photography from Bristol photographer Chris Lucas whose work has appeared on countless South West albums - and mastered by Lewis at Stardelta, it’s a beautiful piece of work and one to revisit for years to come…

Tracklist -

1.Crocodile On The Wall
2.Fire Gilded
4.Normal Position
5.No Sleep At All
6.Shut Counter
7.Via Della Morte
8.Special Mechanism
9.Solid State
10.Harvester Séance
11.The Splendour
12.Leaving Blessing

Crocodile On The Wall

Fire gilded

Normal Position

No Sleep At All