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Iceman Junglist Kru bussin up your speakerbox with this fcuking belter of a tape for Industrial Coast – a half hour mashup of the very essence of underground sounds from the UK, that proper hairs on the back of your neck stand up tackle that reaffirms just why you got into this sh!t in the first place.

Fragments of pirate radio MC chat, the muffled sound of an amen you can just make out while you’re in the pissing rain waiting in line to get into the club – huge Reece basses snarling, proper hardware-esque breaks flying around – driven into the red and fcuk who don’t like it.

Pretty obvious that this is a must have, at once very familiar and alien – it’s a hell of a trip this one, vignettes of a post apocalyptic rave that you swear you were at – the cassette from the tape pack that survived the fallout.

Do NOT miss this one.

Artwork by Studio Tape-Echo.

Really rather limited edition, we’re lucky to have a couple handfuls of this one…

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