Finally, we have our hands on this –

Absolutely outstanding achievement by Gothenburg based 1991.
The self-titled LP, previously released on cassette, is just too good for it not to be pressed to vinyl.

Drenched in tape saturation and lo-fi technique, the tracks carry a unique, intimate aesthetic throughout.

‘Smoked-out, hallucinogenic dream sequences from the far corners of the brain…’

We could try and write a story to go with this – it certainly is a very thought-evoking musical journey – but instead we’ll just say:

Sit back, listen and enjoy the ride…

Blue Vinyl, served in a clear PVC Sleeve.

Mastered by Vessel.

1:Reborn Ice Horn
2:Fabric of Space
3:Tangerine Lidl
4:Distortion of Time
5:Domination Translates Directly Into Efficiency
6:Where Do I Hide From Myself
7:Reborn Ice Horn (Ond Ton’s Reborn in 1991 Remix)

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