Brand new mini-LP from 1991 aka Alex Backman, presenting a stellar follow up to the also brilliant album Skogen, Flickan Och Flaskan LP from 2012.

No More Dreams unfolds gracefully over a relatively brief runtime – oscillating between Steve Reich-esque minimalism to lo-fi drones outlining gorgeous modal melodies. No More Dreams III is packed with emotion and feeling, waves of lo-fi noise undulating across the soundscape as a gently repeating melody cuts through to the heart strings – don’t listen to this one on a comedown!

No More Dreams II wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Don’t DJ’s LP and the rest of the album is packed with ingenious idiosyncrasies which elevate the record into a proper, standout work.

For fans of O$VMV$M and the latest 7’s on NoCorner.

No More Dreams I
No More Dreams II
No More Dreams III
No More Dreams IV
No More Dreams V
No More Dreams VI
No More Dreams VII

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