Scandinavian-strength Steppers from the one 2000F, on an a hand-etched, limited 12″ –
Part 1!

Denmark’s kingpin of the scene since the 1990s, and Hyperdub O.G. 2000F comes forward with two (check the site for the counteraction) discs titled with the Mennesker theme, named after a Nordic Rune, steeped in pagan spiritualism and norse traditions.

Of course the traditions of this soundsystem style called steppers dub, is a sound that has long roots all the way back to Jamaica from half a century ago, a sound that has since travelled to the UK and provided a spiritual home-from-home for Jamaicans and a musical salvation for English people alike, with soundystems that can crush any negativity within it’s vicinity, with ease.

But that’s not to say that the music can’t spread further across the sea, towards Denmark and catch a little extra mythology for this heavyweight dub concept.

This particular disc is inspired by Mjølner, the hammer of Thor, and Tandgrisner, one of Thor’s two mighty goats.

Danish dub is dark and deep, like the cold Nordic winters. Inspired by pagan spiritualism and Norse mythology. With bass deeper than Mimer’s Well, militant rhythms harder than the Einherjer of Valhal, and never-ending echoes from beyond Ni heim.

2000F is the postal code of Frederik Birket-Smith’s hometown of Frederiks-berg. Since the early 1990s he has worked under the alias as producer, composer, promoter and DJ. Having released a 12″ on Hyperdub in the days of yore, he is now the CEO of Strøm, Denmark’s official electronic music organisation, co-owner of the Jolene Bar club, the event organisation OHOI!, and the Fyraftensboogie sound system. He holds an MA in urban geography from Roskilde University specialising in pirate radio, and trained as an audio engineer at SAE London and Medley Studios, Copenhagen.

“I built the music at Sorte Hest and Kapellet. It was mixed at Moremax Studio. Shane did the mastering and cutting at Finyl Tweek. Yaqup Oxbjr engraved and drew the artwork.

The hand-etched artwork and drawings on both discs are of an ancient Norse rune, meaning man / people / mankind. Mennesker, the Danish translation, is the overall title of of both of these releases. Without mennesker, no gods.
As is the case of many Nordic runes, it is believed that Mennesker holds both a positive and negative meaning.

Rough, tough and dangerous, this one is for the Vikings and Rastamen alike.

Limited, hand-etched 12″ import.

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