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Three legendary UK dub heavyweights, in combination!

For the 3rd volume in the combination series, once again pressed on clear vinyl, we have the Vibronics rhythm ‘Dub Divination’.

Vibronics, Disciples and Conscious Sounds are three stalwarts in the scene, for sure.

The Scoops label has decided to make some serious power moves here, by getting these pioneers together for combined input on the mixing board and in the production seat.

For Volume 3, Vibronics took first steps at building the rhythm – Dub Divination comes pressed with an extra Vibronics Dub mix, and two further cuts from Disciples and Conscious Sounds.

This one is for the late hours, something to keep the dance jumpin’ at a time when the soundsystem has warmed and is ready to fire out some serious bassline.

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