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Uncovered in our annual office spring (late summer) clean, a cache of the main part of the NoCorner 5 year compilation, pulling together a whole gang of tunes from the NoCorner camp.

If you missed the original foil bagged versions when they dropped, now’s the time to get involved, these come in a stickered, heat sealed bag, complete with a DL code.

Starting off five years ago as a home for a recording of a radio show, backed up with a recording of a dread-filled live jam from Killing Sound [now one of the harder to obtain pieces in the catalogue and one that’s featured on the bonus cassette], NoCorner has morphed from an occasional cassette label to a predictably unpredictable outlet for the strange and essential.

From chopped & screwed dubwise exploration, cyberpunk techno, lo-fi pop anthems and breakbeat research and development, we’ve welcomed it all with open arms.

The label offers a home for those tracks that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end – those jams that are just too good to languish on a hard disc somewhere.

The common denominator in all these releases is a desire to experiment, a will to push boundaries and shun the status quo. From 20-second loop fragments to 20-minute live jams, you’ll find them all on NoCorner.

‘5 Years Of NoCorner Music’ is a celebration of the catalogue to date, taking in some highlights as well as hinting at some forthcoming material and rounding up some exclusive music just for this compilation.

Twenty-nine tracks spanning past, present and future material, paired with a 40-minute bonus tape, it’s vacuum sealed and laced with extras. A fine-tuned revisiting of the catalog for those already in the know, and a warm welcome to NoCorner for new ears.

Edition of 200, C110 cassette & C36 Bonus tape –
vacuum sealed in a stickered silver package, containing NC logo sticker + download code.

A1 – VMO$ & Boofy – May
A2 – Kinlaw – d.3 Hash
A3 – ASDA – The McDonald’s Prayer
A4 – Kinlaw – Good Court He 24 ⊕
A5 – Lurka – Friday Night Sit In The Dark ♠
A6 – Andy Mac & Ossia – Soup Riddim ♦
A7 – SeekersInternational – CyantConquer
A8 – Systemwide – Provisional Dub
A9 – Lily – Thoughts Of Liana*
A10 – Spiritflesh – Ever Impending Doom
A11 – Lily – Self Help
A12 – Hodge – Body Drive
A13 – El Kid – We Need Mirrors
(Vessel’s Psychosis Mix)
A14 – Rodney – Isn’t Something ◊
A15 – Rodney – Donny’s Dress ◊
B1 – October – Dissolution Illusion
B2 – Filter Dread – Oddity
B3 – SKRS – TroubleRoundDiCorner
B4 – Filter Dread – Drivers
B5 – Wu-Yen – Splurge ♠
B6 – YLTCU x Teeza – Aquaman
B7 – Robin Stewart – Ominous Bath ♣
B8 – O$VMV$M – Shinobi
B9 – Jabu ft. chester giles – Slow Hours
B10 – Jabu – Move In Circles
B11 – Mark – Body Leaves The Room (Locking Up) ♠
B12 – ASDA – the desire for light and stars
and jubilant songs
B13 – ASDA – The McDonald’s Prayer
(Japan Blues Regrind)
B14 – SeekersInternational – TekWeh φ

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