Unexpected, but wholeheartedly welcome ‘new’ Aardvarck LP, served via fresh imprint CROWD, in edition of 300, each one with unique sleeve art! >>

Absolutely fantastic news, this.
If you’ve been visiting our site since day 1 (it’s been pretty much exactly 7 years as we write this actually, woah) – you’ll know that some of the very first records we stocked here, were some of those killer Aardvarck white label 12″s from the Bloom series, and his equally high-quality material for fellow dutch crew Rush Hour.
Aardvarck, an illusive and nomadic producer who seems to have taken a step back (even further) from the limelight in recent years, is one of those musicians that has a total sound of his own, and it’s an unpretentious, totally fluid and highly musical one at that, a totally addictive sound.
Wether it’s a knack for subtly slamming drums (yes, he makes that ‘a thing’) or the use of deftly composed melodies and sample loops – the kind of loops that really can go on forever without ever getting boring – (just listen to ‘you are, when you not think’ on this LP here, and tell me you’re not swimming happily) – Aardvarck is a real boss at his trade, ask anyone who knows.

So it’s with pleasure that we can help shine more light on Aardvarck via the supply of this fresh release for CROWD (set up by Aardvarck’s friend, especially for this occasion), imported via our friends at Rush Hour, Amsterdam.
These tracks are mainly unreleased (apart from one, which came out on a compilation CD in the year 2000… 19 years ago, wtf?) from the era between the beginning of the millenium, towards the time of his brilliant Anti-Concept LP (we had that here too.. worth digging for if you can find it) around 2011, and of course those Bloom 12’s.

From the bluest, deepest and warmest chord sequences, through to the perfectly formed and subtly implemented drum breaks (another Aardvarck spesh) through to the celestial sample loops, Aardvarck makes infectious music, at once pleasing and intriguing – not too over complicated, but filled with enough subtle detail and an unstoppable, highly emotive flow throughout.
The various soundscapes and rhythms are informed by his vast interest in various styles of music (check his FACT mix from a few years back if you want proof of his all-encompassing sound spectrum!) – anything from Classical music, to Detroit, and in between – and you can hear it all in here, with that ‘varck touch.

This one is a proper beauty, musically and visually – and you’ll be coming back for more in years to come, trust us on this please.

Edition of 300, each one served with unique artwork generated via a special print algorithm.
Hand-stamped paper sleeve, with foldout poster.
Artwork by Gilles De Brook.

A1: Everything Is Nothing
A2: U Are, Not What U Think
A3: U Are, When U Not Think
B1: What U
B2: Get
B3: IS
B4: What U
B5: Give

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