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Record Store Day is here!!!

…Oh, hang on – that was the other week, wasn’t it?

Well FuckPunk have delivered their RSD special anyway. A bit late, but apparently the Major Labels are to blame ‘The queues at the pressing plant were taken up with Abba* and Bruce Springsteen* reissues on 180gm vinyl, for all those hardcore vinyl lovers out there that wanted to make sure their support is recognised on this glorious day’.

So what we have here, is a special vinyl cdr – did we say CD? Not sure, looks pretty authentic.
Hand-stamped and served in a 7″ poly sleeve with some absolute artwork gold (created by Bobo Kinsella, no less).

Have a listen to the clip, and bear in mind that this track is 9mins long, it’s a progressive g’abba journey into heights that even the group themselves couldn’t have dreamed of.

Oh yeah, and inside knowledge tells us that this track was trapped on their myspace, the files had to be re-recorded from the internet – it seems that the quality of the sound has benefitted from this, Justin Timberlake would be proud to know his late investment in myspace was actually of some worth.

Now this, is what we call a record store day special!
And even better yet, it’s available all year long… Well, until the disc drive runs out of steam.

Out of stock!
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