Accidental Meetings reach out to the elusive Aba Ama, following killer gear for the likes of Bokeh Versions and Seagrave with a mighty raw excursion into ruff & ready dubwise and middle-eastern rhythms, hypnotic, implosive and expressive. Abu whips up a storm across 9 rhythmic excursions, heavy on the vibes and running red-hot on the mixing desk, with shards of distroted fx and overblown texture creating counter-action to the musical foundations of each track. Taking heavy inspiration from Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze’s sound legacy, and the ruffneck attitude of industrial DIY music, Abu Ama creates a transnational sound world of dystopian, yet ultimately high-spirited music.

This headsy, heavyweight piece of tape comes served in a wicked visual way too, with artwork by by Ciaran Birch.

Crucial gear for the headz who know.

Includes Dl code.

2.Gods Will
4.Plastic Cobra
5.Peach Garden
6.Yogi Yard
8.Red Rose

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