Esoteric Soundsystem mutations from ABU Ama and the Hexx Crew – a dark, enigmatic and rich LP comprised of creative takes on a variety of soundsystem musical styles.

Infused with middle-eastern influences, initial play-throughs draw the listener to those sounds…… the modal melodics and harmonies on Arabic string instruments pervade through most of the tracks – besetting each track with an ambiguity of mood that forces the listener to inspect closer.

Easy comparisons are made with Muslimgauze when he explored his tougher side – the experimental electronics, loopy song structures and hip-hop influenced drum patterns are also present on this record. Grey Moondust and Gypsy’s In Dub provide a powerful opening – two stellar studies of the relationship between electronics and acoustic re-formatting – underpinned by depth-charges of sub-bass.

Devan Beduin occupies a space somewhere between dancehall, hip-hop and techno, all protracted through Ama’s unique lens and filled to the brim with modal ear-candy (that vocal…).

The B side sees Ama push his style into dubstep, trap and grime territories – finding similar ground to El-Mahdy Jr on tracks such as A Tank For Swag. Slightly more dancefloor ready than the A side, A Tank For Swag along with Macadamia Oil will appeal to the heads as much as it will to admirers of that early pioneering experimentalism of figures like Muslimgauze – highly recommended from us!

A1 – ABU Ama – Kurdish Wisdom Atmee

A2 – ABU Ama – Grey Moondust

A3 – ABU Ama – Gypsy’s In Dub

A4 – ABU Ama – Devan Beduin

B1 – ABU Ama – Macadamia Oil

B2 – ABU Ama – Tsinking About

B3 – Abu Ama – A Tank For Swag

B4 – Abu Ama – My Allah Protect Me & You From The Fire

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