The first foray into the ferric tape world for the label, Empty Head Rich Heart present us with suitably rough & ready sound experiments from African Ghost Valley –

Following the Ossia & chester giles, and the O$VMV$M 7″s, the Berlin-based DIY imprint now come forward with their first thing on tape.
And it’s f*cking good.
Raw and gritty ‘scapes by African Ghost Valley, sounding like the components of our tape player have been unhinged and the magnetic tape is finding it’s way through this ancient machine, revealing the rhythmic intricacies of this build like a contact mic to a machine.
Remnants of harmonic drones and distant tones engulf the rattling inner body of the pieces on DMIR.
If you are not adverse to a bit of screeching tape delay and similarly dishevelled analogue grit, then you’ll probably agree that these kind of sonics are 100% suited for this cassette format.

As usual with EHRH, this comes in limited, hand-assembled edition, and it will go pretty fast.

Get in.

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