African Ghost Valley return to Empty Head Rich Heart, for this already-rare 7″ outing –

Last sighted here capturing some of the rawest sonics heard in time, on cassette for EHRH, African Ghost Valley are now back at the controls with two abstract industrial experiments for this 7″ disc, presented with hand-made artwork in edition of 100 copies. No digital, and only short clips online –
this disc is the only way into this particular sonic landscape of theirs.

The perfect follow on from Bad Tracking’s raw two-part re-work of Ossia & chester giles ‘Shackles’ (one of the earlier EHRH 7″s), this AGV release continues to explore the outer regions of concrete sound manipulation – screwed tape and overdriven hardware effects units are mangled in a mesh of eerie background music, sounding like a f*cked & screwed version of early Caretaker perhaps.

100 copies only.
Inlay printed on translucent paper, with extra insert.
Numbered and hand-stamped centre labels.

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