Al Campbell on great vocal styles, and Trinity with coolest deejay styles –
Big tunes!

On ‘Respect’ Al Campbell sings, in his typically convincing way, with skilled delivery and vocal range, about self-respect and respect towards others, calling for unity over a stepping Roots Radics cut – great combination of brilliant vocal and rhythm… Special mention to those hi-hats, and those horns! Real good. –
Trinity follows up with the deejay vocal cut at the end of the disc, to finish things off with pure, undiluted JA / Kingston deejay vibes.

Flip it, and you find an even bigger tune (you may disagree… but that’s not bad thing)
Kicks off with that renowned Trinity intro ‘Salt Im Iyah!’ – and continues on a deadly, vampire-killing / dash-salt-in-the-devils-face deejay style over a tough stepping tune… Murderous!
Too good, this one!

And things get extra ruff & tuff on that Scientist dub on the flip……. OOPH!

Big disc!

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