Alix Perez – Ravana EP

Vinyl (2x12'')
1985 Music [ONEFLTD005]

Double pack business from Alix Perez on his 1985 label – 2×12” action cut nice and loud, one track per side – red vinyl – and full artwork sleeve – deadly.

If you’ve caught one of his sets or sessioned that Keep Hush set, you’ll be well acquainted with these tunes, watch out for the collab with Headland on the D side too.

We only got a couple so move quick if you want in.


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Presenting the 2nd 140 bpm release from label head Alix Perez. The last 140 release sold out almost immediately, and has since found Alix headlining 140/dubstep nights in the capitol. Renowned for his ability to move seamlessly through tempos, Alix has produced another 4 track masterpiece, and features a collaboration with Headland.’

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