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<< This gem, back in! served in good-lookin stamped sleeve this time >>

Little slice from the Kingston corner, backed with a next-level-crazy-RUFF-dub by the man Lee Perry, cut on the flip of this 10″, worth every minute of your attention, and every penny of your pocket.

Producer Tommy Cowans cut the first version of the ‘Gone to Negril’ rhythm for Devon Irons to voice the song ‘Jerusalem’ on. He then returned to the same rhythm for the follow to the pop hit ‘Up Town Top Ranking’ with Althea and Donna for ‘Gone to Negril’.

Somewhere along the way, prompted by Bob Marley, Cowans took the tapes up to the Black Ark. Anyone who was coming from another planet who wanted to know what Lee Perry was about would be well advised to listen to the all out audio assault of ‘Crazy Negril’.

Like a careering car that Perry just about maintains control of, ‘Crazy Negril’ screeches whirls and zooms from one side to the other of the musical track. Possibly because it was a ‘mix’ that he was asked to do for someone else from the outside, Perry throws caution to the wind and adds a simple rhythm box as well as whistles and a cow bell to amazing effect. It’s an inspired version, and adds to the slightly commercial song on the A side. Although ‘Gone to Negril’ has its lyrical moments as well. Anyone who rhymes ‘Adam and Eve, without their leaves’ and ‘Feminine gender, ranking agenda’ is alright by us.


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