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1: You Were Always On My Mind ft. Abul-Loul the Singer

2: Hell Is For Johnny ft. The Laughter Of Saints

3: Ambulance vs Ambulance - Brecon / Amman / Trinity ft. Abul & Missterspoon

4: Ambulance vs Ambulance - Duet For Harmonica And Raven

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Giant Swan’s Robin Stewart and Bokeh Versions’ Jeffrey Lee Hearse rear their collective sound-head with this absolutely mad-mad-good debut album of sludged wild west dubwise ruminations and skeletal shoegaze bluegrass type vibes as ‘Ambulance Vs Ambulance’ served up via Jordan’s very own ‘Drowned By Locals’ imprint –

We might be a little bit biased cos we dearly love these two fellas anyway, but even if we were to ignore that bias – we’d be keeping secrets if we didn’t tell you that this isn’t one of the most unique and special things we’ve heard in some time – ‘Industrial Country’, across 10 tracks that dive and wade through places and interzones past midnight, manages to capture a kind of solace and purity in desolate and isolate sounds through wired mics and scuffed recordings of voice and harmonica, all feeding into a slowly sprawling echo system that feeds on frequency and grinds out songs in an effortlessly harmonious, organic/mechanic way….

Please take a dive into this tape, and report back if you have any adverse reactions other than the good ones.

And please do read on and digest this text, it’ll tell you all you don’t need to know:

“The whistling, rusted skeleton of songs wrought from a mechanical desert – Ambulance vs Ambulance, the creative destination of Jeffrey Lee Hearse (Bokeh Versions) and Robin Stewart (TTT, No Corner) rolls through the orange clouds and into your inner ear. Armed with dusty lamentations, versions of lonely Danzig standards and a dedication to a ritualised gothic future beat of shoegaze bluegrass, ‘Industrial Country’ connects two friends in their search for poignant song and psychedelic ceremony.

Recorded somewhere between Avon, Amman, Brecon, Brean Down and the cloud, Industrial Country was assembled from a scrapheap of phone recordings processed into scowls and layered with vocals, harmonica, mandolin, slide guitar, laptops (any instruments that were lying around really). Industrial tape collage, the cutting up and rearranging of sounds, mocking crows result in new sound sequences; with some advancing and others receding, creating gaps in time in the green areas of Avon where you can’t see the buildings over the trees.

Featuring a rendition of “Kick That Habit Man” by Abul-Loul The Singer, guest modular by ATC’s Missterspoon, chamber improv collective the Laughter of Saints and field recordings of local Tunnel Singers in a recount of non-events. Ambulance vs Ambulance deny you the mythical thrill of a shootout but grant you an impending danger that stretches indefinitely over lonely lands; the Lo Fi ramblings of a lonely man transmitted from an alternative dimension, the feverish hallucinations bordering on ecstasy of a cowboy infected with cattle plague in desolation; the weird and disgusting west; a wretched malodorous countryside, a scrapyard; an abandonment that draws you in.”

While this kind of stuff exists we’re also happy to be here.

Edition of 100ish.
Printed inlay and tape stickers.
comes with DL code.

Hell Is For Johnny ft. The Laughter Of Saints
I Live In A Concrete Garden ft. Tunnel Witches
Brecon / Amman / Trinity ft. Abul & Missterspoon
Bitte Pill
Duet For Harmonica And Raven
The Mercy Skips
You Were Always On My Mind ft. Abul-Loul the Singer
Snuff Mills Pastoral
From 1804 To Bearpit (Carry Home)
Colourful Ring Of Death

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