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We got our hands on a few copies of this psychedelic goodness from Estonian musician Andres Lõo, making swift and highly unique turns into down-time jazz-dub and orchestral stoner rock dirges for the evergreen Sex Tags Amfibia imprint –

Last sighted on Laton and Vitamiin a handful of years ago, this killer disc – his first Andres Lõo single – is a welcome surprise, with all it’s recorded musicians… Everything from Bassoon to Contrabass, Percussion (that’s the man himself) & Vocals.
The flipside, which dives deep, deep into meditative tonal zones, also has some xylophone and it’s a Sotofett edit. A real community effort!

It’s a nice turn for the label, and you can probably still file it, vaguely, as ‘oddball dub’ alongside the Kambo & Don Papa & Tapes & Sotofett appearances on the imprint, if you like.
It’s music that defies easy categorisation, and that’s a nice thing.

Hang on, why are we still talking? Just play the goddam disc, sit back and enjoy it. No harm done!

We’re selling this for a nice price too, because we got it for a nice price from the Fett Distro.

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