Our dear friend Andy Mac has laid down an hour of top-a-top sounds from out of Africa, No Wave / Post-Punk, dubwise and other finely-selected records for Fleetway Tapes – it’s a gem!

Mixed feelings about this tape at first, as we’ve been waiting for a RWDFWDMIX from mr Andy Mac for a good few years now – lol – but we’re happy to get our hands on this one in the meantime, and we know it’ll be worth the wait when he gets down to it eventually – it’s all love anyway – good to see Mr McNamara grace the quickly growing discography of A Colourful Storm’s mixtape series, following on from that Vladimir Ivkovic and the DJ Nobu tapes….

The mix, choc-full of gems – nothing less! – goes from Caribbean / African styles (is that first time from the 1 & only Ouza Teranga?) to NYC-styled dub / No Wave offerings, hushed post-punk vibes, perfectly clanging melodica / shaker songs, and other sombre, beautiful sounds – as we’ve come to cherish from Andy, he manages to defy genre bindings in a seamless way, making a journey through various times, places and sounds – a real gripping mood that’ll keep you on your (tapping) toes in a woozy way, and packed with tracks that you’ll be coming back to again and again –

If you want to hear a selection of cherry picked gems from across the world, put together by a true selector – look no further!

ltd copies – served in a frosted shell, printed, with lush artwork inlay.

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