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Boss level DJ Anina at the controls, mixing up an hour of Hotline hitters from the ‘bag, along with a couple of forthcoming sneak peeks, for this ‘Strictly Hotline Mix ‘ – full of material from the Hotline Recordings label.

Check the ‘No Cold Callers’ zine package that we’ve just unleashed here if you’d like to know more about this whole hotline operation (that zine version comes with a full back catalogue DL as well…) or, just load up on this single tape full of well-cherished material from the Hotline label, mixed & blended to highest degree by Anina, and loaded with additional fx from Ossia.
One hour of blasts from the pasts, overlooked gems and forthcoming heat –
Anything from that first Lurka 12″ on Hotline, through to secret weapons from Commodo, Rachael, Ishan Sound, Miss Red, Rider Shafique, Gantz, Beneath, Batu, as well as a couple of tunes from producers who’s name we have to keep quiet for now, as their cuts are yet to be released.

Edition of 150 tapes.
comes with DL code for the mix only, no individual tracks.

Mixed by Anina.
Lazers by Ossia.
Design by Studio Tape-Echo.

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