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Another wonderful obscurity on the Empty Head Rich Heart label –

Following on from the Noclu / Nazca 7″ that kicked things off sometime last year, EHRH present their second release –

[aniYo kore] make their mark with two left-of-centre pieces of against the grain pop music, brilliantly weird and unique.

Driven by off-kilter harmonies, subtle fx and unchained melodies, the music is desceptively simple at first, but once the needles been placed back to the start for another time  – it’s very addictive music – the layers and hidden details start to unveil themselves, little moments of impromptu (anti)-musicianship and sonic details move into the foreground…

Our favourite has to be the flipside – ‘Butterflies’ which sounds like a forgotten Portishead track that may have been made one lazy afternoon whilst half of the band were still recovering from a gig.

Operating on their own terms and doing things in an ‘as and when’ and ‘if we like it, we do it’ kind of way – Empty Head Rich Heart is clearly a label that operates for the love of the music and it’s physical manifestation.

This 7″ represents their non-manifesto perfectly… it’s another finely hand-crafted piece of work, both musically and visually.

We’ve been told most of these records were sold at their launch gig, but they kindly kept a handful back for us, we are one of the very few -if not the only – shop who can offer this record to those who want it.

Limited to 100 copies, vinyl-only.
Each one hand-crafted with a unique cover, designed by blØff.
Contains type-written insert.
Hand-stamped centre labels.

Out of stock!
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