Five great pieces of music from this NY based three piece pressed to one 12″ disc via the in-house Archie Pelago imprint –

Archie Pelago is a production and live performance trio based in Brooklyn, NY. Formed in late 2010, the trio of Hirshi, Kroba, and Cosmo D combine their varied backgrounds in jazz and classical music with a common love for rhythm and the wide open possibilities of electronic music. In the studio, the three produce collectively and prominently feature their instruments – Cello, Sax, Trumpet –  lending deeply emotive patterns and textures to their tracks.

This is one of those records you will have to just let run, let it play in full entirety and appreciate the intricacies and thought that went into it… Each track moves swiftly, yet gently, through it’s paces – filled with detail and rich in melody and rhythmic interplay.

The musicianship really comes through here, it’s the refreshing combination of electronic and organic that makes these tracks stand out from the rest.

Great stuff!

Out of stock!

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