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Oh f*ck!
That very first, stone-cold killing ASDA 10″ on FuckPunk has been repressed in slapdash fashion for those who still need this and didn’t want to pay extortionate prices on discogs!

<< Some of these (about 30 or so) come with special edition marker pen art by DJ Neek – shipped at random! >>

Since this record came out, Young Echo’s very own ASDA have delivered a highly-regarded full-length, as well as a 55second single for the NoCorner label, and have made a name of notoriety in a  venues across the UK & Europe with their inimitable live show…
This 10″ will always remain as the artefact that cemented this beautiful combination of chester giles & Seb ‘Vessel’ Gainsborough.

This press comes with original centre label art on one side, and marker pen on the other.

Here is what we wrote when this first came out:

ASDA is named after their local 24hr supplier of wine, cider and vodka, chips and fish cakes –
ASDA is the moniker for the output of late night / early morning sessions between the two FuckPunk activists…
Aggrovated, love-sick, tarnished and pure – chester giles speaks his poetry – universal, personal, introvert, observational.
The rhythms and noises are created interactively / reactively.

This is music that doesn’t hold back, music that does what it wants, music that cuts through the struggle, coming out on top with a few scars to show, a few stories to tell…
Punk music for the new age.

Explosive business straight out of the FuckPunk HQ –

Don’t f*ck around, grab your copy before you get a slap from the boys!

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