One box of these killer 7″s rescued from the label, and now available here again at a very nice price – don’t sleep!

Off-kilter Dancehall styles from Bristol’s Atki2 –

The first time we heard Atki2’s music was probably around 2005, or maybe 2006, in a dingy club in Easton, Bristol, during a time when dubstep was taking shape in the city… Atki2’s sound was in keeping with the free, unrestrained and bass-orientated sound of those days, and indeed his release on Werk Discs around then was amongst the earlier ‘Dubstep’ 12″s…

Nonetheless, his sound was, and still is, a truly unique and single-minded one, with his productions priding themselves on great attention to detail, layered with well-crafted samples and intricate rhythms.

As co-owner of Bristol’s long-running ‘Ruffnek Diskotek’ night, which plays hosts to all manner of soundsystem music, from reggae to dancehall to soca and grime, it is no surprise that his style incorporates a great blend of patterns and genres.

The cuts on this Frijsfo Beats 7″ move in a dancehall structure, taking in the cheeky, highly effective bare-bone simplicity of early Sly & Lenky productions and delivering them with a deliberated and perfected production style that shows it’s backbone in dance music.

Absolutely wicked 7″, this one comes highly tipped!

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