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Raw, spiritual roots from Pablo, Gussie Clarke and a heavy lineup on instruments, another piece of gold via the excellent Dug Out imprint –

Dug Out bring forth a slew of raw cuts from a hot recording session with Augustus Pablo, Gussie Clarke, Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett and peers.

Classical Illusion (The Sun) – comes lifted straight from the acetate, the top-end fizz of the slate only adds to the ferocious depth of the recording, Guitar following bassline like glue, amplifying the oh-so effective key changes with each movement up and down the slide.
Drums come crashing in in rough roots style, with Augustus Pablo’s mystical vibraphone and Theophilus Beckford getting real hands-on with the strings of the Piano, a perfect antidote to the raw bass & drum.

Topped off on the flipside with a trio of alternate cuts on this searing rhythm, this time lifted straight from the mastertape.

Very powerful stuff, medicinal grade roots and culture music!

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