ATC are back at it again –
19 tracks of experimentalism and collective noise with the latest crew compilation from, and around Bristol.

This one is titled ‘Avon Garde’ and confirming what they said previously – No Sleep Til Avon – it comes hot on the heels of the previous tape (that one’s sold out now, sorry).

The latest comp comes packed with corkers from this expansive collective centred around the likes of Schwet, Bokeh Versions, Robin Stewart, Salac, Bad Tracking, Kinlaw & Franco Franco, Harrga, Dali De Saint Paul, Mr Spoon and many, many more known and unknown names.
Kicking off with a hymnal version excursion from Bristol’s long running band ‘The Naturals’ (which also includes Harry Wright & Robin Stewart of Giant Swan, Jackson Veil Panther of ATC fame), and into a collaboration from Bad Tracking’s Burden alongside Harrga’s Dali De Saint Paul, Child on spectral drum improv, Missterspoon on ‘ardcore techno travels, Stephen O’Malley meets Mark One kinda vibes from Sophrosyne, Plaque DJ veteran now turned secret weapon producer Yokel alongside one of Bristol’s most cherished Italian imports Franco Franco, spellbinding goths Fever 103 & Salac next to each other (it was meant to be), DJ Brittle coming with the chop & screw, industrial noise synth pop meets Dnb from Laudanum, just before the secret combo styles from Narcissist Holocaust kick in.

….Quick breath…

Strangling Glass give us a good dose of weird, ready to untangle our brains once more, before the big combo of KL/BE/DH/RS come in on an emergency situation that spawned from an ATC Noods Radio session. Ye Gods murks up good & proper, before Half Nelson comes with the 80’s videodrome vs lost dubs from Spectre dirge, whilst Walya restores a kind of focused calm with beautifully time stretched ambience and acoustics.
Wisecrack – no idea who that is, but the name sure sounds fun and the sonics come like Vex’d vs Harrga, and we’re not stopping anyone from mixing those two worlds.
Only two tracks left to go, and we already feel like we gained corona immunity and are ready to smash Boris Johnson’s house so we can finally have a party.
DJ Ductape and Bad Tracking will provide the soundtrack.

Let’s have it!


Edition of not loads, and we have the last of them.
Served with collage ATC artwork, and printed cassette onbody.

1. The Naturals – Muscle Chamber 01:51
2. Burden & Dali De Saint Paul – Countenance 03:44
3. Child – Exercise 03:12
4. Missterspoon – That and This 06:21
5. Sophrosyne – A Thousand Wounds 05:26
6. Yokel ft Franco Franco & D Ham – Pappas Got A Brand New Cornea 02:58
7. Fever 103° – you’re so sad 07:16
8. Salac – The Pit 05:50
9. DJ Brittle – The Children Are Inzane 03:29
10. Laudanum – Memory Wall 03:08
11. Narcissist Holocaust – Annihilated Friend Request (live) 04:32
12. Strangling Glass – Grained N Brained 03:43
13. KL/BE/DH/RS – Land 02:58
14. Ye Gods – Configuration 05:00
15. Half Nelson – Sweet Sensation 02:51
16. Walya – Shed 03:53
17. Wisecrack – Flesh 03:15
18. DJ Ductape – Walkie Talkestra 001 04:40
19. Bad Tracking – Vessels 06:05

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