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Unsettling, life affirming and positively bristling with potential energy – the second instalment of the ATC compilation – No Sleep Till’ Avon.

Clocking in at a dizzying 21 tracks this compilation scoops up some of the most vital operators in Avon, there’s some names you’ll be familiar with already of course – Ekoplekz, Kinlaw, Bad Tracking, Harrga, Memotone and Spiritflesh all grace the tape with gear as potent as you’d expect, each coming with their uncompromising take on post-punk, brutalist sonics.

As if that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, there’s also a myriad of cuts from the tangled knots, strings & constellations & aliases of the various crew who have been quietly carving their niche in subterranean Bristol for a little while now.
The debut release from the very hotly tipped Fever 103 is an absolute treat (we’re looking forward to more from this duo), Salac, Withdrawn & Birthmark, Misterspoon, SRS, Robin Stewart, Bokeh Edwards, Dali De Saint Paul, Franco Franco, Copper Sounds…. the list goes on.

In short, this vital roundup builds upon the already solid foundations that the first one laid – offering a very rewarding glimpse into right-now and the future of the Avon Terror Corps – miss at your own risk!

Full tracklist –

1.Kinlaw – Marine Squad Deploy
2.Jackson Veil Panther – RAT 
3.Bad Tracking – Heading For A Fall
4.Copper Sounds & Franco Franco – Accelerazione Generale 
5.Narcissist Holocaust – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Dankness 
6.SRS – Spit Dub (Fossilised Version)
7.Ekoplekz – Volcanik
8.Fever 103° – Cult Leader
9.Missterspoon – View From Inside The Asylum
10.Neurosyphilis Spasmodik Duo – Battle For Castlemead 2020 
11.Half Nelson – Udder Cut
12.Yokel – Earl
13.Withdrawn x Birthmark – Counted Out
14.Black Sea Crime Complex – Are Your Stars?
15.Spiritflesh – Treachery
16.Harrga – Artaud (Live / Dead at ATC)
17.Salac – The Poison
18.Nzʉmbe – Funambulist
19.Dead Space Chamber Music – Voices I (Dockside Studios) 
20.Memotone – Inner Village 
21.Child – Weakness

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