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Avon Terror Corps – back at your doorstep once more, with a delivery of 21 bleeding edge west-country sonics, and special guest appearances from none other than FUMU and DJ Die Soon –

“a food-based collective providing food for free to anyone who wants or needs it in Bristol.”

Following on from last years Avon Garde – still a few copies knocking about here, load up if you haven’t yet! – the 30ish strong crew of artists from, and around Bristol come back at ya with this perfectly disorientating, dizzying, get-u-high sonic postcard for 2021 and beyond: “Wish You Were Avon”.

Like a postcard from the region, where it may end up and what state it will be perceived in is flexible. The arms of the postal service stretch wide.
The stories told on this card are universal, but the work ethic is communal, the ink that was used for the pen, is made up of blood from the heart of Avon and the rivers that run from it –
Read on, listen in, here is your take-a-trip ticket to nowhere, and everywhere –

You’ll encounter stories of uncompromising, unhinged, anti-hype-machine music from a multi-headed, multi minded generation of sound punks and noisemakers, fuck the future, fuck the past, this open ATC letter tells tales of twisted frequencies and synapse-collapse, hi-tek dancehall punk, TV commercial counteraction, sermons for re-birth and destruction, apocalyptic reggaeton, freak dub and other joyful noises, the specific kind of stories that you’ll only hear about right here in these pages of the ATC storybook, a flickering glimpse into a time away from time, where boundaries of sound are constantly seek’d and smashed, just to hear what the implosion might sound like, and to see what can be built out of the broken bricks and loose wiring.

There’s a plethora of intriguing new names and aliases on board as usual – Listen closely – curious minds can investigate for themselves, and you’ll probably be rewarded with something extra curricular upon your search.

Come inside, and find out for yourself – there’s an open door for those who want to tread through and step inside the neon-lit, flashlight darkroom and explore this particular freakzone of wow & wonder.

— Absolutely essential gear.
++ It’s for a good cause, so don’t be shy.

C90 tape – comes with DL code.
designed by Miguel Prado.


1.bivouac. – first contact
2.FUMU – Sonic Plaster_Attack Panic
3.All Times Now Nothing – Möchte
4.DJ Die Soon and Max Kelan – Either Stew
5.Sintakon – Muevete
6.Concentration – Fix Your Body
7.TEDDY – Under It
8.X-MASS – Cult Offering Day
9.Princess Difficult – Symphony Of Emotions 04:44
10.Désir d’Enfant – Encore Des Cauchemars
11.Miguel Prado – Geomancy At Temple Way
12.BKDHAMSPOON – Sanguine Slump
13.Salac – Chain Whip
14.HS – CGT
15.Ambulance vs Ambulance – Screen Is Dead (Live at Noods)
16.Prangers – Grass
17.DJ Ductape – Television Was A Baby Crawling Towards The Death Chamber
18.CAMARA – Hallo Weed
19.Dead Space Chamber Music – Mari Lwyd (Live At St Thomas The Martyr)
20.Relapse – Emergency
21.Hostile Work Environment – Hostile Work Environment

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