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1: Strings Of Death / What Time Is Hate?

2: Apathy Flash / Set Adrift On Memory

3: Lower State Of Unconciousness

4: Music Sounds Better Without You / Full Moon Revenge Rainbow

Superb 2 x 12″ by Bass Clef aka Some Truths –

Previously released on cassette on Ralph Cumbers’ ‘Magic + Dreams’ imprint, it is with pleasure that we can present these cuts to you in vinyl format, made available by Helm via the ‘Alter’ label.

Utilizing his signature modular synthesis and hardware approach, Bass Clef lays down a highly indulging journey through shreds of rave music and dubbed out off-cuts from the house and techno spectrum.

Sonically a joy to listen to, Bass Clef’s aesthetics are well defined and perfectly placed.

With track titles such as ‘Strings Of Death’ and ‘Lower State Of Unconcioussness’ his references to rave music are clear, and this is surely what lies at the heart of these tracks, buried within the dub, sunken within the rhythm, the music still sounds reminiscent of the past whilst maintaining an original, fresh stance.

Whilst the tracks often move in a decidedly sparse manner, each track follows a path and makes its journey through it’s paces, often unveiling unexpected turns and even tempo changes.
Even at at it’s most fractured, there is always a feeling of impending implosion from within it’s boundaries… Bursting with shackled rhythm and internally pumping with forward movement, it’s an understated high-energy affair.
An accomplished set of tracks that should be enjoyed in full, from start to finish.

Sure to sound hard on a big soundsystem, the two discs carry themselves loud and clearly, yet they flow effortlessly from track to track and are filled with intricacy and detail, making it a joy to listen to on the home turntable as well as in a club setting.

Great stuff from one of our favourite producers, don’t sleep!

Mastered by Noel Summerville.
Artwork by Vesta Kroese.
Shrinkwrapped printed kraftliner sleeve.

Strings Of Death
What Time Is Hate
Apathy Flash
Set Adrift On Memory Abyss
Lower State Of Unconciousness
Music Sounds Better Without You
Full Moon Revenge Rainbow

Out of stock!
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