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Two of the nicest people in the scene – Kevin ‘BAT’ Palmer and Matt ‘Plaque’ Light – link-up for a double-nice piece of bruk sonics…. Portland via Bristol!

We’re thankful that we didn’t have to wait too long for Plaque to come forward with the next instalment for this freshly minted, yet long-anticipated imprint – that Employee tape (+ Bonus 12″) has been on loop here in recent months.
And as you know, if you’ve been checking our site over the years, we’re big fans of Portland’s 1&only Best Available Technology too.
BAT has been keeping the transatlantic connection strong over the years, with connections via ex-Bristolian Astro:Dynamics (now perhaps more known as Death Is Not The End), NoCorner, and many trips to Bristol & London, with guitar pedals and fx units in the backpack – When it comes to setting foot in Bristol, Matt – who runs the Plaque label and events – has been a key factor in accommodating Best Available Technology’s sonic excursions here (that BAT release on NoCorner from a few years back was actually a recording from a Plaque night), and it makes complete sense to hear some fresh Best Available Tech’ on Plaque now.
It’s a double whammy too, because you get a whole digital album (Broken Teeth & Dog Hair) as well as this ‘guided meditation companion tape’ ‘Old Haunts’ alongside.

Musically, the organic, hands-on, machine-driven palette that BAT has been championing to such great effect over the years is on display, with the doors wide open into this personal world of his particular style of hardware abuse, off-kilter drum workouts and melodic melancholy.
Time-telling hi-hats vs echo’d patterns, body-checking bass and bruised kickdrums, this is music for inward journeys and reflective times – highly emotive stuff, with plenty of space & beautiful imperfections in between, for the imagination to flourish and for the mind to travel to.
We recommend hooking up the tape player for this, turning off your phone – make a cup o’ tea or a good cup of joe – and just hit that play button for maximum V I B E S.

Comes served in real tasty artwork by Hamish Trevis (Pheasantry Society elder) and with a full DL for the ‘Broken Teeth & Dog Hair’ + The Old Haunts Tape.


Edition of 100 + DL.
C40, served with printed inlay.

TRACKLIST (digital album):

1. Broken Teeth
2. Endless Flicker
3. You Have No Body
4. Pstimulation
5. Bone 2 Brick
6. Fused
7. Zen Resonator
8. Body Pill
9. Zodiac TV
10. Fluorescent Sap
11. Crimson Dew
12. Heavy Velvet
13. Exoskeleta
14. Coronal Mass

(Bonus Tape)
Side A: 20 mins
Side B: 20 mins

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