The one-and-only BAT coming forward with six stretched out hardware meditations on his Working Nights imprint –

From the first isolated chord splash through to the final slo-mo drum chug, Brute & Blind exposes typically slowly turning, all encompassing sonic experiments from Best Available Technology in inimitable style and composure.
We’ve been told Kevin Palmer likes to create music in the very early hours, before the crack of dawn, and this kind of fresh-minded attitude in which one half of the brain is still slowly detaching from the resting hours, really rears it’s head in these sound extractions. After all sleep is the time in which the body and mind processes daily thoughts and experiences, so perhaps staying near to this state of mind is the perfect time for creation.

We’ve also been told that Kevin makes music in that honest and raw way, in which the music is composed without much – if any – post-production editing, most of these experiments are one-take recordings that accumulate in the space of several minutes, each of the cables reacting to the human manipulation of the instruments and guitar pedals in the signal chain.
This process allows for something to sound very personal and unpolished, and can really make it much more involving.
Naturally, most tracks come at bare bone level, stripped back and all the more effective… Gushes of feedback stream from in between the fragmented rhythms, whilst propulsive sub notes spread their weight over the loose melodic parts, coming in at an unusual level, mixed with a personalised feeling for the dynamics in the music, rather than reaching for the guide book of traditional mastering technique.

This is music that knows no rules, and that’s a great thing.

Sublunary Bodies

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