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Underground reggae music from the Handsworth ghetto –

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 Black Symbol, lead by Fatman the main vocalist, producer and founder of the Band, who also went out of their way to form the label of same name, issuing music from peers in the Birmingham ghetto, via D.I.Y. means, escaping the music machine whilst giving the people some outstanding, heartfelt reggae music –

Clearly rooted in Jamaica, the music sounds absolutely authentic to it’s core, but there is also a recognisable ‘UK Sound’ in this music, the sound of Black struggle in the 70’s and 80’s Great Britain…

It’s a great thing to have this record reissued, giving it a much deserved fresh lease of life once again.

From the deep resonance of ‘Travelling’ by Black Symbol to the observational, upbeat ‘Music Business’ by Zephania – this is true reggae music, conscious and full of vibes… And most importantly, musically pin-point, on-point.

This one is for the heads who understand, real reggae vibrations!

Limited Edtion.
Served in a great looking sleeve, featuring sleeve notes from way back when.

1.Sceptre – Ancestors Calling
2.Truths & Rights – New Language
3.Black Symbol – Travelling
4. Gerald Love – Jah Children
5. Music Business
B Side:
1.Truths & Rights – Saddest Moment
2.Black Symbol – Spritual Reggae
3.Gerald Love – Scandal Man
4.Sceptre – Living On Strong
5. Zephania – Free Man

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