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Deep, searing vocal, dubwise and deejay styles from King Tubby’s studio, Black Uhuru style –

The Revolutionaries on instruments, coming with a slow, fully-charged rhythm section, letting Black Uhuru’s perfectly rehearsed combined voice sway across lead and backing voices, matching up with those distanced reverbed guitar licks like a real treat… A perfect counterpart to the ultra heavy bassline and spaced out hi-hat sections (Sly & Robbie at work).
By the time the Ranking Joe deejay cut comes jumping in, you are already in full tune to this number, and his swing & style can take full control, masterfully executed as always.

Of course this wouldn’t be a serious reggae 12″ if it didn’t have a dub.
Thankfully this disc gives a whole side to that extended, thunderously deep versioning that can only be the sound of Tubby’s studio.

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