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4 fresh trax from the London-based Boxed crew –

The A side consists of 2 weightless compositions, the first from Logos and the second from relative newcomer Iglew. Logos does what he does best – a stripped back Devils mix, dread-heavy and full of imaginative sampling tricks and a ruff gliding square bassline holding it all together.

Iglew’s contribution goes in like a barebones version of Da’Vinche or Jon E Cash, hard stabs and playground melodies combine for a surreal listening experience, both in the dance and on the hi-fi.

Side B starts with some incendiary business, a Spooky & Boylan collab by the name of Peckham to Hackney – a classic grime smasher, bearing all the signature hallmarks of the kind of classic hot plate that’s just waiting to get the triple lickwood.

Jawside finishes things off with the Asian-tinged Blurred Rain, utilising the classic gliding square bass and a synthesised woodwing melody in counterpoint – a suitable end to a truly intriguing collection of tracks that will certainly go down as a must-own in any Grime-head’s collection.

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