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Broshuda / YATA DSP - PLQ003


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"This is a rebirth quest.

In dank and steamy chambers, self professed Eno-grime peddler and purveyor of fine glambient Broshuda coughs out hot, pixellated vapour at bequest of the Plaque overlords.

Once the orbs settle, the kind and gentle ghost he has summoned slowly begins to evolve, levelling up into his new, more powerful ishvara.

2020 welcomes Yata DSP. "

....Yes, we'd be inclined to echo this sentiment (and so we did).
Another excellent exercise for brain & body from Broshuda - quite very possibly his best yet -
and now in tow with new alter ego YATA DSP, letting his grimier sides flourish, powered by rare japanese electronics acquired in recent months.

This is a stellar piece of work, a weightless journey, feet above head into newly acquired grounds. Another subtly shimmering building block to this unique universe of sound.
Oblique rhythm, neuronic frequencies and an oozing, yet gentle glow throughout.

And we're not just saying that because he's a dear friend -
trust us, this is the real deal right here.
"Commence the glide", as he would probably say!

Edition of 100 copies, comes with DL code.

All tracks written, produced, mixed and performed by Broshuda/Yata DSP (Florian Koch)
Mastered by Austin Shepherd
Forged at West Kennet Long Tapes
Artwork by Hamish Trevis (Kin40k)

1. Yata DSP - Modus
2. Yata DSP - Yata Sound
3. Yata DSP - Lies _ Fiction
4. Yata DSP - Trope
5. Yata DSP - Snake Dub
6. Yata DSP - Scheme
7. Yata DSP - Mirror
8. Broshuda - Hype Cycle
9. Broshuda - 0.12-0.27
10. Broshuda - Ghost
11. Broshuda - Yard Credit
12. Broshuda - No Vacancy

Broshuda - Hype Cycle

Broshuda - 0.12 - 0.27

YATA DSP - Lies Fiction

YATA DSP - Snake Dub