Back after a bit of a break, Dubsquare Records deploys another white label session from their Vienna Base.

Ca.tter is on duty this time around, treating us to three cuts of slow motion House spliced with precision sound design and intoxicating melodies.

‘Mine’ on the top side plucks a crystalline melody over scattershot percussion and fizzing atmospherics, slowly developing into a cantering rhythm laced with tribal drums, full of suspense and immaculately produced. Clocking in at nearly 12 minutes long it’s a heady trip, exploring spaces pioneered by the likes of Muslimgauze and furthered by Shackleton – get lost in this one.

‘Feels Like Sunday’ is the real gem here though, pounding kick drums slowed to a narcotic crawl pound underneath a woozy melody that’ll send you way off into outer space. Evolving steadily through the duration, this one takes numerous twists and turns, crafty edits and counter melody creep in and fade away, all the while underpinned by that pounding kick drum.

‘Gift’ is the final track and an apt title, this one sounds like a trance record played at the wrong speed and with the low pass filter left on the Pioneer, perhaps after a particularly heavy session. It’s simple and delightfully effective, melancholy yet hopeful – slo-mo euphoria.

Deadly at the right time in a dance and wicked on the home turntable as well.

Very highly recommended this one.

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