Brilliantly bleak sonics via Milan’s D.I.Y. cassette imprint –

The third instalment on the Italian cassette and vinyl label ‘Haunter Records’ comes in the shape of Cage Suburbia’s five ventures into the ash-grey realms of sound reduction and sunken rhythm.

Recorded in one-take sessions, making use of unusual sound sources and analogue machinery, Argument #01 is set to be the first of three cassettes to be released this year.
‘Cage Suburbia’ is comprised of the co-founder of Haunter Records ‘Daniele Guerrini’ and his conspirator Matthias Girardi, who describe the project as ‘monolithic, motorik, lo-tech sound tunnels that serve as a noisy portrayal of the contradictory condition of contemporary suburban youth, torn between the continuous information overload of these days, an oppressing sense of apathy, and drugged fantasies.’

The atmosphere on this cassette is consistent throughout, it’s an intense, dusk journey through the shadows of a troubled mind.
The tracks move at their own pace, leaving open spaces as the sounds shift and the mood intensifies, with enough entry points to get lost in the midst and loose track of the way out…
Until the cassette’s 25min’s are over, and you realise the brilliance with which this reflection of negative space was executed.

Limited to 100 light-green cassettes. 
Each tape comes wrapped in a printed insert, housed in clear cases with folded J card print.

Drive The Cops
The Last Shellshock

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