Four industrial-strength transmissions from the Milanese underground –

Straight from Haunter Records HQ, 2nd floor of the Macao Squat / cultural centre, the Italian D.I.Y. stalwarts present us with the latest & greatest from Cage Suburbia.

Ruffneck drum-machine punk, sonic terrorism charged by high-voltage circuitry on rhythmic overload, like a trojan horse deep in the depths the governing computer system.
It’s a musical fuck-u to all those faint-hearted law abiders and right-wing enforcers, all in the positive guise of rave culture and party-freakism.

From the pounding technoid excursions, through to the metallic amen reductions, this is hardcore ruffige for all those who ain’t scared to bounce.

Turn it the f*ck up and set that venue on fire.

Dished up in a PVC sleeve, loaded with inserts and stickers –
designed by Federico Scudeler.

Pressed at Optimal. Mastered by Matt Colton.

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