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Capital Letters unearthed! –

Bristol’s ‘Reggae Archive’ have done another fine job here, unearthing previously unreleased tracks from the formidable ‘Capital Letters’ band.

Active since the late 70’s with releases on Greensleeves, Jah Lion and Bellaphon, these works represent the works of Capital Letters circa 1985.

Featuring an alternative mix of their ‘Smoking My Ganja’ hit tune on Greensleves, four brilliant vocal cuts with respective dubs as well as live recording of ‘No Jobs’ and the heavyweight ‘Cocaine Dub’ – this LP is a good insight into the life of a working class person, particularly of Carribean descent, in Thatcherite Britain during the 80’s.

Side 1, Tracks 1 & 2 and Side 2, Tracks 3, 4 & 5 mixed from the original master tapes.
Side 1, Tracks 3 & 4, and Side 2 Tracks 1 & 2 Mixed by Dave ‘Oldwah’ Sandford at Oldwah Studios 2013.
‘No Jobs’ recorded live at Jaderi, Dudley 1985.

UK roots finesse!

Side 1:
Reality Dub
Smoking My Ganja (Oldwah Mix)
Ganja Dub (Oldwah Dub)
No Jobs (Live)
Side 2:
Oldwah’s Reality
Oldwah’s Real Dub
This Is A Club Dance
Dance Dub
Cocaine Dub

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