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1: Carol Kalphat & Clint Eastwood - African Land

2: Cry Tuff Allstars & Dr. Pablo - African Melody

Rough, tough roots music produced by Prince Far I –

Absolutely heavyweight stuff, late 70’s roots music at it’s most accomplished.
Produced by Prince Far I alongside the Cry Tuff All Stars on instruments, this is sufferers music to the very core, combining the sweetness of Carol Kalphat’s voice with the buoyant vocal delivery of the legendary Clint Eastwood, who jumps in on the deejay part of the mix. It’s a cry for freedom and appreciation of the African Land, and all those who have had to leave it behind.

It’s not often that a tune can summon such immense power, and exhale so much beauty in the same breath, both in terms of vocal delivery and the playing of instruments –
A huge bassline and a thunderous kick drum take the rhythmic charge of the hi-hats and guitar, slinging into distant spring reverbs and tape-echoes that leave the dynamic control to Carol Kalphat’s vocal and Clint Eastwoods lyric – both control the pace from start to finish.

Doctor Pablo, of Dub Syndicate fame, adds to the instrumental cut with his Melodica on the B side, entitled African Melody.
Charged, searing dubwise from the edge to to the inside, a perfect counterpart to the vocal cut.

100% crucial.

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