Casio Love – In Space

Cassette (Cassette / C15)
Tram Trax [TT002]

Casio Love on a mission through the outer reaches of the dancehall –

Along with our batch of Christmas Stylee mixtapes, we have a handful of these limited edition tapes from the Gothenburg-based Tram Trax label, presenting four extended cuts of spaced-out digital dancehall – ferric grade.

This one’s for the fans of that early digital sound that the likes of King Tubby and Jammy pioneered, inspired by those love-able casiotone keyboards and early drum machines….

It’s that recognisable, surprisingly big-bellied, gliding square wave bassline and bright palette of synthesizer sounds that we love so much… no matter how far you push technology, sometimes the simple sounds of a fairly cheap 80’s synth recorded on to tape, are just unbeatable.

Each cassette comes served with a unique artwork consisting of space collectors cards from the 60’s, hand-assembled and glued onto the cover art, making this pretty damn collectable.

Limited to 50 copies.
Comes with DL code.
Unique artwork for each one.
Cover design: Lundgren + Lindqvist.

Out of stock!
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