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….Just what it says on the tin!

Boss DJ and founder of the excellent LazyTapes label Cera Khin has come forward with these fresh Tshirts, designed by Patch D Keyes – the same illustrator behind the LT cats –

For those of you who don’t know Cera Khin… Well, you should know!
The Berlin-based Tunisian Cera Khin has been supplying a steady roll of very high-grade radio shows for Bristol’s Noods Radio over the last couple of years, and guested on many top stations worldwide during her travels to some of the hottest venues in the world as a DJ who plays ‘whatever the fuck she wants’…. Just the way it should be!
Luckily, the things she wants to play are strictly good music – be it an obscure rave classic, ambient bangers, off-kilter dancehall or whatever else – It’s always an intriguing choice and always highly potent – in whichever scenario she plays it. Ask your friends – they’ll agree.

This Tshirt is a nod to DJ Rashad’s (RIP) ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’ Tshirt (she’s a fan of course) and a righteous piece of clothing for all dancers and DJ’s who want to keep it free and unhinged.

Screenprinted, here in Bristol, with red ink on a quality black cotton tee.
Wash at 30C, inside out –

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