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Club No-No’s Snorre Magnar Solberg takes the helm on the ninth edition of The Grafiti tapes series.

The A side is, in relative terms at least, a less bombastic affair. Four minutes of multi-dimensional sonic furore introduce us to Solberg’s inner mind, by turns atmospheric, euphoric and above all lined with the dread betraying a deep debt to soundsystem culture. Developing rapidly into more ferric terrain, there’s an abrasive hypnotism to the rhythmic hooks that make their laboured entrance into proceedings into the A side’s middle half. While the three tracks on this side are distinct, the flow is so perfect that they could be mistaken for movements in the vein of classical music.

The B side makes more strident moves into dance-floor territory. Unlike the A side, the three tracks on offer here are totally distinct, opening with TTT Minimal TTT, a ferocious 4/4 number that occupies a space somewhere between JK Flesh and Christian Vogel if one of his Magnetic North records was slowed down to 33rpm. Final track Kompdub Perkctest is the final nail in the coffin, a polyrhythmic panic-attack waiting to happen. Fitting somewhere between hardtek, speedcore, techno and DJ Don’t, it’ll put off as many people as it sucks in – obviously, we bloody love it.

We reckon this is Solberg’s best work to date, and certainly some of his most accessible as far as we’re concerned.

Served up in proper No No fashion, with inlay designed by the man himself. Cop dat

A1 – Untitled
A2 – Svai Perc
A3 – Midfield Expermia
B1 – TTT Minimal TTT
B2 – Intro Gamml
B3 – Kompdub Perkctest

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